Armani Code Sport (2011): Like a Midnight Bath in L.A. {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

Thumbnail image for Giorgio-Armani-Code-Sport.pngArmani Code Sport is the latest limited-edition flanker to the original Armani Black Code / Code issued in 2004. The questionable taste of the advertizing was already debated briefly earlier on, with its borrowing of trashy porn-star aesthetics, featuring Megan Fox and Chris Folz.

The woody-aromatic Eau de Toilette for men is said to have been built around two main accords, one of adrenaline and one of seduction...


The composition is signed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

The "adrenaline accord", which is also the one meant to illustrate the impression of taking a midnight bath on the heights of L.A., features an invigorating bouquet of three kinds of mint: green mint, peppermint and wild mint.

Lemon, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit create a parallel citrusy bouquet.

The "seduction accord" rests upon Ambrox, ginger and vetiver.

The story behind the advertising images is that a man is taking a skinny dip in the pool after having made love to the woman he was able to seduce... thanks to Armani Code Sport.

Prices: 30 ml/43,50€, 50ml/55,50€, 100ml/ 66,50€.

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