Marc Jacobs Bang Bang (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Perfume}

marc_jacobs_bang_bang.jpgTo celebrate the success of the launch of Bang in 2010, designer Marc Jacobs will follow up with a refreshing flanker baptized Bang Bang from August 24th, 2011. While Bang was a celebration of peppery goodness - and a nod to niche perfumery codes in the style of Comme des Garçons, one of the two fashion brands with Prada that Jacobs confesses to liking to dress with exclusively - Bang Bang will add a citrusy twist to the spicy concoction....


The fragrance has top notes of citruses, a heart of sandalwood and a base of cashmere musks.

The spirit of the Eau de Toilette is said to be dynamic and to encourage self-confidence in the wearer. The brand also suggests to "chill the perfume."

The flacon reprises the original design by Harry Allen but tints it in a blue which makes you think the sculptural bottle looks like an iceberg.

In all likelihood, the composition will also be by perfumers Yann Vasnier and Ellen Molner, or at least by one of them, but this needs to be confirmed.

Via; Cosmetics Business

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