French Buzz Marketing Campaign for Daisy Eau So Fresh will Use Half-Naked Man as a Giant Scent Strip {Perfume Images & Ads}


Marc Jacobs are gearing up for their next buzz marketing campaign to take place this summer in France on June 10 & 11 in the cities of Nancy, Lyon and Nice and on June 17 & 18 in Paris. The urban ad operations will be multi-pronged, involving the use of a caravan of ForTwo Smart cars (also currently benefiting from a separate, independent advertising campaign claiming it will save you from driving your mother-in-law around because there is no room for her) and a couple of living characters called "L'Homme Bang" and "La Femme Daisy." The ad campaign has been entitled "Opération Smart Daisy Eau So Fresh"....


Like the Daisy flacons, the Daisy Smart cars will be covered with vinyle flowers, on a bed of synthetic grass. They will drive through the cities on the appointed days in order to get people's attention.

This effort is simply aimed at securing further the success of two fragrances that have been doing very well. Once they reach a certain level of popularity, it's good policy to take them to the next level and play with pop culture and iconicity.

L'Homme Bang will be dressed in a formal black suit but will offer scent-candy, a bare chest for passers-by to sniff the perfume Bang on him. He will also reportedly have a propensity to bang on urban furniture with a hammer, to the rhythm of current pop music. We're not sure how the cityhalls concerned are going to appreciate all this banging on their assets but, that's what the press release says.

His travel companion, La Femme Daisy, will be dressed in a contrasting white, light springy dress wearing a capeline studded with vinyle daisies. She will probably waft of Daisy Eau So Fresh, although they don't say.

Numerous gifts will be awaiting you at nearby Marionnaud stores for those of you visiting said cities above.

Via press release.

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