Humorous Soap Decides to Smell of Cat Food {Fragrance News}

cat_food_scented_soap.jpgYou could decide to exfoliate with cat food under the shower, if you are into that sort of things, or you could turn to the Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Scented Soap by Accoutrements, a novel fragrance for soaps pushing the boundaries of our everyday (good, of course,) taste.

"Bathing with this pungent cat food scented soap will assure that you are constantly in the company of cats."...


"Yes. Now you can have the aroma of Fresh Cat Food in the form of a scented bar of soap. Mmmmmm.

Perfect for crazy cat ladies and other feline enthusiasts who craze Cat Food Fragrance combined with soap!

Each pink bar comes in a decorative 3-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 7/8" tin."

What do you think? Would you offer this soap to anyone you know? Do you think they would use it?

They don't say if it's salmon or liver.

The brand also offers a bacon-scented soap, a pickle one, and more at

Available for $5,95 at

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