Shiseido Majolica Majorca Majoromantica (2010-2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition}

Majolica Majorca_majoromantica_ad_holiday.jpgBeauty label Majolica Majora of the Shiseido group, which focuses on the Asian market, launched a whimsical gel perfume bottled in a distinctive packaging evoking a phial holding a love potion at the end of 2010 called Majoromantica. Introduced as a limited-edition, it is still around in 2011 and generating a bit of a buzz...


Interestingly, the fragrance is advertized as both a holiday scent or a downright girly one, depending on the advertizing you are looking at.

MajoRomantica_perfume.jpgAccording to the ad copy, "With just one drop of this honey-sweet magical aphrodisiac, your inner girl is awaken. A romantic scent of red berries infused with a bouquet of flowers and sweet maple syrup."

Top notes are juneberry, strawberry, raspberry, rumbud, apple, fig, mangosteen, bergamot, lemon, mandarin. Heart notes are rose, sweet pea, jasmine, muguet, gardenia. Base notes are vanilla, maple, brown sugar, sandalwood, musk.

Majolica Majorca MajoRomantica _bottle.jpgWhile perfumes in gel have been launched in the past, usually this type of scent carrier appears in ancillary products or flankers. It is definitely a twist to see it in a fragrance taking center stage. Majoromantica attempts to stand out from three different points of view at least: The texture of the perfume inviting you to apply scent with an altogether different perfuming gesture; the unusual bottle is very atmospheric, and with its uncommon shape and wand, evokes a blood-tainted poison vial of sorts; the base notes want to be both "sweet and mysterious" going beyond the usual sensations conjured up by maple syrup and brown sugar.


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