About 65 Mythical Perfumes {Fragrant Reading}


Parfums_Mythiques.jpgA new book on perfume will be introduced on September 29, 2011 entitled Parfums Mythiques authored by beauty writer Marie-Bénédicte Gauthier. The tome is devoted to covering the history of 65 legendary perfumes including Arpège, L'Air du temps, Eau sauvage, L'Heure bleue, Coco...



The motivation for writing the book was the sense that nowadays there exists a trend which favors the return to vintage perfumes and to established signatures, or rather established sillages, shall we say. Another angle used by the author will be the listing of celebrities who have worn these fragrances. She also delves in advice - giving as to how to wear them. Each "masterpiece" will be presented with a host of factual information about the nose or creator, the notes, the history, the design of the flacon etc.

If you are wondering what a classic in perfumery might be, this looks like a worthy attempt at offering a fragrance canon, which can be approached as an introduction to the art of perfume.

Another good reason for getting educated in the classics is that you will be able to smell traces of these ancestors in numerous contemporary fragrances which have followed their leads or taken inspiration from them.

Parfum Mythiques, Editions de la Martinière, 37,05€


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