Pelargoniums are the Chameleons of the World of Scent {The 5th Sense in the News}



An article in the Daily Mail reminds us that Pelargoniums are to be cherished for their scents, which come in multi-variegated forms. Like the more exotic orchids, they always tend to smell like something else we know of. They are the natural perfumers of the plant world. From Turkish delight or strawberry to orange or cinnamon scents, the family knows how to surprise the 5th sense...



Stawberry-scented Lady Scarborough


"In Victorian times, no bouquet was complete without a sprig of scented-leaf pelargonium; the variety a lady chose depended on whether she wanted the scent of lemon, lavender, apples, oranges, roses, almonds or even cinnamon and nutmeg. And pelargoniums weren’t just used in posies: the Victorians used them in cookery, in potpourris and scented oils, and as prized house plants."

You can also read an article on how to grow scented pelargoniums at Fine Gardening.

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