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A little provocation doesn't hurt, so Alan Cumming is sticking to his original formula with his new re-release of the original Cumming from 2005 now called 2nd (Alan) Cumming. According to perfumer Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume who composed the perfume working closely with the actor, the perfume is the same as the first one. All proceeds will be donated to LGBT charities.

The 2nd Cumming re-launch took place at the Ace Hotel's basement club in New York City on July 14th, 2011. Little twists and whimsies were thrown in, like the use of a tub of men's underwear that had been copiously doused with the jus to let guests experience the scent in context....


alan_cumming_opium_ad.jpgCumming is mimicking Sophie Dahl in her infamous ad for Opium by YSL

Alan Cumming is presenting his reactivated project as an anti-celebrity, ironic version of the commercial mainstream celebrity scent venture. To that effect, Cumming has chosen iconic perfume advertisements for designer fragrances such as the Dior Eau Sauvage ad by Gruau, the Sophie Dahl Opium ad art-directed by Tom Ford or the YSL M7 one with a naked Yves Saint Laurent, and re-enacted them, a 2nd time. They are discernable on the Brosius website (quite small, really).

In the worst case scenarios for such perfumes, the celebrity couldn't care less about perfume, mumbles a "yes" when a scent is presented to her or him with no ideas but those of the marketing team, and the scent mostly reeks of dollar savings and earnings.

But there are also decent to very good celebrity fragrances.

The 2nd Cumming is presented as a sincere project. Brosius had turned down celeb scent requests in the past, all of them. But his friendship with Cumming made him overcome his prejudices.

The composition is a mosaic of a series of disparate accords that were picked one by one by the actor, like fragments of his preferences and personality. The task for the nose was to put them all together so that it would make sense as a perfume, not just a pile of smells. The fragrance reportedly evokes Scotch and sex and was designed to smell better as you sweat more. When asked by Racked, if Cumming wore his scent everyday, the actor answered,

"Alan: No, not everyday. I wear it a lot but some days I don't want to wear it — when I wear it I feel a certain way but I don't want to feel that way everyday. especially at work. I mean I don't want to feel all hot and horny at work."

Notes are: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Scotch Pine, Malt Whiskey, Cigar, Heather, Douglas Fir, Rubber, Worn Leather, Highland Mud, Burnt Rubber, Peat Fire and White Truffle.

Price: $69. A 2 ml sample of perfume absolute can be had for $15.

Via Racked; The Wall Street Journal; CB I Hate Perfume


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