4711 Nouveau Cologne Experiences a Youth Surge & Eyes Asia (2011) {New Fragrance}

4711_Nouveau_Cologne_Ad.jpgThe historical Eau de Cologne Mülhens 4711 has seen the addition of a new ambitious flanker called 4711 Nouveau Cologne. While flankers have been issued regularly by the brand, this time it is a flanker with a more far-reaching purpose, that of bridging a generational gap and more implictly, of catering to Asian tastes...


4711-nouveau-eau-de-cologne.jpg"NOUVEAU COLOGNE is aimed at modern, younger people who look for a balance between career and relaxing moments." The composition has been given a fruity-floral twist while using an uncommon note of Evodia, a fruit used in traditional Chinese medicine; it stresses the wellness properties of the fragrance, "The new fragrance line represents a moment of silence for personal renewal and inspiration for setting a positive counterpoint to the hectic everyday life." The aquatic motif has also been emphasized in the advert depicting a young woman floating in or above water, and in the name of the fragrance where "EAU" (water in French) is highlighted.

The perfume is presented as an unisex scent, which develops characteristically differently on women's and men's skins, light, fruity and tangy on the former, soft and woody on the latter.

The fragrance opens on top notes of litchi, blackcurrant and yuzu. The heart offers notes of geranium, heliotrope and evodia. The base notes are sandalwood, tonka and musk.

Via Jebe.de and Roullier White



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