Réminiscence L'Incroyable Patchouli (2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition}




French costume jewelry and perfume brand Réminiscence will launch a new version of their classic Patchouli perfume called L'Incroyable Patchouli (The Incredible Patchouli)...



If patchouli remains one of the most popular notes that one can smell in the air of Paris (see also U.S. patchouli testimonials), it is due to a historical tradition (see Maître Gantier et Parfumeur George Sand), a taste predilection, and no doubt to Réminiscence, which has managed to perpetuate the beauties of the patchouli soliflore beyond the 1970s psychedelic wave and into the 21st century.

More recently, Réminiscence have been launching flankers to their pillar fragrance, including Elixir Patchouli and the delicious Eau de Patchouli.

This year, L'Incroyable Patchouli borrows from the vintner harvest concept, which has been popularized by Givenchy. The jus is based on a 2010 patchouli harvest. This limited-edition launch celebrates the 40 years of the original Patchouli.

A 100 ml of Eau de Toilette is priced at 69€.

Via A Nous Paris.

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