PureDKNY Verbena (2011): "love, joy, comfort, relationships, and community" {New Fragrance - Part 2}


PureDKNY_verbena.jpgDKNY have now launched their new PureDKNY Verbena announced earlier on in June 2011. Like for the first PureDKNY based on Vanilla, the scent wants to be more than just another pretty perfume. Born in the aftermath of a recession, it upheld reassuring core values in troubled times. From that "Depression" perfume comes a new spiritual heiress which aims to capture a whole motivaitonal spirit, a movement of going back to what matters.

"Look good. Feel good. Do good. This pure scent adds a fresh drop of verbena to a world that needs a moment of calm. More than a fragrance, it embraces a way of being that takes time out for the simple things, the things closest to the heart: love, joy, comfort, relationships, and community."...


The brand does that by starting to source their star ingredient from a farming community in Togo and ensuring it is from a sustainable crop.

The "bright and fresh" composition has notes of Verbena, Honeysuckle, Peony, Jasmine Petals, White Amber, Sea Moss, and Vetiver. The verbena from Togo is said to offer nuances of citrus and green basil.

The packaging is, consistently, eco-conscious to the hilt,

"The bottle, organic in shape and inspired by a drop of water, appears to be formed by nature. The materials include 100% recyclable glass and a cap of high-purity aluminum. Its compostable box is made of sustainably harvested paper manufactured in a mill that uses 100% renewable energy."

Prices: $45, $65 and $85.

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