L'Artisan Parfumeur Batucada Composed Between France & Brazil (2011) {New Perfume}


BATUCADA_Visual_ok.jpgL'Artisan Parfumeur will release a new perfume on October 3rd, 2011 inspired by Rio de Janeiro and its vibrating pulse called Batucada. The name means "beat" in Portuguese referencing the zest for life of the Brazilians and "the energy and rhythm of Rio."

"The new Eau de Toilette is a return to the joyous, offbeat and original spirit of L'Artisan Parfumeur. Created by Karine Vinchon and Elizabeth Maier, Batucada sends a jolt through your body and mind!Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance...Glimpse a blissful place pulsating with music. A country where life is good."....


An noteworthy aspect of the project is that the perfume was composed by two perfumers establishing a long-distance relationship in two different locales, Grasse in France and Sao Paulo in Brazil. While this happens not unfrequently, here the goal was to have a perfumer in Brazil - Elizabeth Maier - be able to check the authenticity of the cultural references of the fragrance.

The brand describes the structure of Batucada as unleashing "a cascade of Brazilian images." Sparkling notes recreate the feel of the Samba. Refreshing notes of lime, cachaça and fresh mint mimick the national drink, Caipirinha. The heart is floral and voluptuous with exotic notes of tiaré and ylang ylang recalling the "sun cream that glistens on bronzed skin in the blazing sunshine." A sensual facet is evoked with coconut toddy, another popular drink. The ocean is alluded to thanks to a delicate note of sea salt. Finally, the night closes in on the dancers of Samba and the scent of their skins which is "powerful", "passionate," betraying an "addictive sensuality."

Prices: 95€ for 100 ml and 70€ for 50 ml. 

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