Lush Love Dates in Your Stead (2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition}


Lush were inspired by the fickleness of love to introduce a perfume called just Love. According to brand co-founder and self-described "product inventor" Mark Constantine OBE, seeing his sons fall in and out of love was the main source of his inspiration. He said,

"Rather like their relationships, it took quite a while to get right. It is for flirts really, but being a flirt is not something everyone wants to be known for. On the other hand, flirting is so much fun. I have tried to make a perfume that will flirt for you while you pretend indifference...


"Love is an instantly bright and bubbly fragrance with a vivacious green apple fruit scent and sweet citrus innocence. As the initial burst fades, it's replaced with a sugary sweet apple pie note while maintaining a sharp lift."

The fragrance is also directly inspired by the scent of Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic.

Main notes are: Lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, apple, cinnamon, cassia, jasmine, rose.

Love by Lush launches in the UK on August 15, 2011 and will be available for one month only, to celebrate the wane of summer.

LOVE (£30.00 for 30ml, £14.00 for 10ml, £7.00 for 12g solid)

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  1. Fizzbanger fragrance IS the Love fragrance. The Love perfume came first, years before Fizzbanger.


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