Oscar de la Renta Live in Love (2011) {New Women's Perfume}

oscar_renta_ad.jpgFashion designer Oscar de la Renta will launch a new women's fragrance called Live in Love towards Labor Day. The inspirational message comes from a tattoo worn by the brand's own Raffaele Llardo, the head of the de La Renta couture workshops. It struck the couturier, who was diagnosed with cancer not long ago, as exactly what he had in mind for his new creation.

According to WWD, the scent is a return to the roots of insider work at the fashion house. It is also a return to the glamor and stylishness of haute couture from the 1950s, 1960s as expressed in particular by the advert by David Downton which bucks the trend of photographic and celebrity advertising. One can note that it was done in the style of such an illustrious signature as that of Gruau.

Oscar de la Renta said,...

“What you have to do is to try to do something that you can somewhere, somehow make yourself…sort of different from what everybody else is doing,” he said. “At the very end, what counts is not really the bottle or advertisement and how it’s presented. Our principle thing was to create a new fragrance that a woman will fall in love with.”

Live in Love is a green floral co-created by perfumers Jean Marc Chaiilan and Carlos Benaïm under the design direction of Ann Gottlieb. The brand underlines the fact that the green facet allied with the floral one is what is going to make the perfume stand out. Indeed a couple of years ago, that was even truer a statement.

The perfume opens on top notes of ginger orchid, bergamot, hyacinth, green muguet and galbanum. The heart is floral with jasmine Sambac, orange flower and rose. The base is formed with white woods, musk, amber, sandalwood and cedarwood.

The flacon is signed by Oscar de la Renta himself who wanted to offer 8 facets to it to symbolize women's multiple facets.

"Price points range from $58 for a 1-oz. eau de parfum to $78 for a 1.7-oz. version to $98 for the 3.4-oz. size. A 6.8-oz. body lotion is priced $49."



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  1. Fantastic Illustration. Downton is a living legend


  2. Is the name 'Live in Love' really from a tattoo? If so, that's a really interesting story behind the perfume's name!
    Personally, I'm crushing on the ad that you included for 'live in love' - it's like Julianne Moore meets the softer side of pop art. Very beautiful and is modern and classic at the same time.
    Maybe I'm a bit obsessed, but I've fallen in love with perfume marketing. I read a book recently about the promotion of Opium by Yves St Laurent, which was one of the best selling perfumes ever. The book's called "Orgasme... Made in France" by Robert Miller (http://rhmiller.com) and it really got me interested in the subject.

    • Yes, it's really from a tattoo. Oscar de la Renta's eyes reportedly fell on the tattoo and he had a revelation: that was the perfect name he was looking for his fragrance. He was also afraid it might have been registered already by "100 000" other persons, but he was lucky.

      I completely agree with you that the illustration seems inspired by Julianne Moore, at least this is what I thought when I saw it.

      Thanks for the book reference. Have you read The Erotic History of Advertising by Tom Reichert? That's another good one.

      Chant Wagner

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