Three New Leather Women's Perfumes for Fall 2011 {Trend Alert}

boxing_gloves_ok.jpgThree makes a trend at The Scented Salamander observatory of perfumes. We were glad to see that even a paleontologist agreed when explaining that starting with 3 silexes found in a certain shape on a site, they know they have man-made artifacts in a definite style rather than accidents of nature.

This fall 2011, there will be three new feminine releases to choose from which are giving a key role to leather. To help you decide which one is best for you, we will run a 3-day perfume-reviewing session featuring the three new and yet-to-be released fragrances...


Shoemaker Vince Camuto not surprisingly wanted his debut perfume to smell of leather in order for it to tie in with his universe. Osmanthus nectar mingles with the note of leather to help form a feminine accord.

More unexpectedly, Balenciaga Paris L'Essence is not just about vetiver adding a more accentuated touch of green to the signature violet leaves note of the original, but more to the point, a leathery reinterpretation of Balenciaga Paris.

Last but not least, Maître Parfumeur et Gantier goes back to its historical roots with a women's perfume called Cuir Fétiche. Although niche fragrance houses are famously indifferent to sexual delineations, the brand made sure this leather perfume would be a feminine homage.

Let's see together how leather can be made to feel more feminine or not, and if men might be able to pull off wearing these. What leather aesthetics, if any, do these perfumes convey, will be another question we'll keep in mind.

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