Cacharel Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss (2011) {New Fragrance}



Cacharel have introduced a new feminine flanker to Amor Amor called Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss. The scent is inspired by the story of a forbidden love...

And as is the running thematic of the Amor Amor perfumes, it is about love between teenagers.

Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss is a gourmand floriental. The Eau de Toilette proposes dark inflections with main notes of pink peppercorn, coffee and black vanilla.

The rather esoteric ad copy suggests an amorous relationship in which love letters are written on the skin rather than on paper. Wait, that was not so esoteric.

Prices for 30-50-60ml are 38€, 52,90€ and 74,20€ respectively.

You can read our review of Amor pour Homme.

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