Madonna Loves to Wear Fracas by Robert Piguet {Celebrity Perfumes}

Fracas_Visuel_ok.jpgWe weren't far from the truth apparently when we said yesterday that Madonna might be inspired to propose a Fracas 2.0 for her upcoming signature perfume, Truth or Dare. It turns out that apart from knowing that Madonna loves younger men preferably aged 25, the second equally famous factoid about her is that she wears the tuberose pean called Fracas by Robert Piguet. It's a scent beloved by many powerful women as Martha Stewart also calls it her own and we know for a fact that the American jet set would swoon over it...


More recently this year, British celebrity Kelly Brook spilled the beans about Madonna's signature scent sayng it inspired her to follow her scented footsteps. Madonna's Fan World kept track of the confession,

"The 31-year-old model-and-actress - whose former boyfriend Jason Statham is close pals with the singer's ex-husband Guy Ritchie - loves the scent Fracas by Robert Piguet after first smelling it on the 'Hung Up' hitmaker.
She said: "I first smelt this perfume on Madonna and asked her what it was. I decided there and then that I always wanted to smell like her. Who wouldn't want to smell like Madonna?
"It's a lovely jasmine-based scent which you can get from Harrods. Once somebody came up to me and said, 'Madonna wears that fragrance too.' And I replied, 'Yeah I know.' "

Via Madonna's Fan World

Image courtesy of Le Bon Marché

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