Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume Already Christened & Bottled {Celebrity Fragrance}

Madonna_Truth_or_Dare.jpgA moment of evocative olfactory malaise in Truth or Dare, if you carry a US citizenship card/ In Bed with Madonna, if you are living in promiscuous Europe.

Last time we reported the news that Madonna was in "serious talks" with Coty to develop her signature perfume. According to Lisa Tant of Flare magazine, the fragrance has already been nailed. Its name is Truth or Dare, taking its title from the documentary that depicted Madonna during her Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990. But you can also choose to read in-between the lines as the documentary was called more boldly "In Bed with Madonna" outside of the US. And Tant got to take a first sniff of the perfume....


It's all about gardenias and tuberoses, babies. Plus musk. OK, it better smell like a different kind of gardenia-tuberose composition than what one might expect. This is borderline stereotypical, friends. It's sort of the big, obvious mother of white florals in America. Mariah Carey did one with Forever. It's a diva combo that could smell too much like Fracas 2.0.

Well, actually, she does call Fracas her signature scent, as Kelly Book amply demonstrated [Added].

Tant reported live from her Twitter account,

"Madonna spritzed her new scent, Truth or Dare, on my wrist. Took it out of her clutch & grabbed my wrist. Gardenia, tuberose, musk"

She then added, drawing a comparison to Madonna's latest movie about Wallis Simpson, W.E.,

"I told Madonna that her scent smells like the movie - fabulous, sexy & a little violent. She loved that. At The Bay in March."

The Truth or Dare franchise will include more than just perfume,

"Fragrance first in Madonna's new Truth or Dare collection. Then lingerie and accessories."

Via Lisa Tant Twitter

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