Madonna & Fragrance: A Happy Ending with Coty? {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

madonna.jpgMadonna and Fragrance, might be the title of a beauty saga spanning the years, of which we know only a few passages. The singer, director and fashion entrepreneur is known for her taste for perfume and her wish to create a signature scent. But while everybody generally agrees that a Madonna perfume could only rock, no agreement was reached in the past to make the idea come to fruition. Until now, apparently...


WWD reports that Madonna is said to be "in serious talks" with Coty over the possibility of a fragrance contract. Nothing has been signed yet but her incursions into the beauty business via her Material Girl brand might be seen as encouraging to the last skeptics. A Material Girl perfume was said earlier on to be in the works.

The fact that she is middle-aged has been evoked as a problem but remembering Elizabeth Taylor should reassure industry execs as White Diamonds is an enduring top-seller.

In 2007, Théo Spilka of Firmenich presumed to say, “When something is done, it’ll be absolutely phenomenal and one of those rare [occurrences] that will turn the industry on its ear.”

As Coty is gearing up for a Gaga fragrance launch, this would up the wattage of the company in terms of big monster celebrity portfolios.

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