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The question is, will Madonna gain enough creative control over this perfume development project if it ever takes place? Madonna is said to have inked a $120 million deal with Live Nation for them to license her name. The deal might possibly include the creation of a fragrance. It is reported that Madonna has been interested in the idea for a decade but has been shopping around more thoroughly this year........

"One cosmetics executive called the possible deal with Live Nation, reported in The Wall Street Journal, "a massive casting call" that could function as a magnet for licensing suitors.

"When something is done, it'll be absolutely phenomenal and one of those rare [occurrences] that will turn the industry on its ear," said Théo Spilka, vice president of fine fragrance sales and new business development at Firmenich. He compared it with Giorgio Beverly Hills and Calvin Klein's CK One, which were standout fragrances during the Eighties and Nineties, respectively."

Not all marketing executives are that enthusiatic and optimistic about the project. Women's Wear Daily asked a large "pannel" of experts and the reasonings oscillate between the acknowledgment of her mega star power and timeless quality and concerns about her age, her aging fan base, her demanding personality, and about whether it should be seen as a nostalgic endeavor or a forward thinking one.

We say, it could be great. 

She already developed at least one niche scent in the past.

(Sources: WWD, Quiddity

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  1. Take Tabac Blond (or Cuir Mauresque), add a strong note of iris, and voila! Perfume de Madonna.

  2. I 'm very excited Madonna might come up with her own fragrance but only if she has complete artistic control and freedom over this project.
    I hate these marketing executives and their anti-ageism strategies who think anyone over 25 is worthless. Her aging fan base? obviously I love Madonna and I 'm 37 so what? for godsake I 'm not 75!

    Aline et Valcour
  3. I'd prefer something more original:)

  4. Yes, you realize they use age as one of their predictors.

  5. 120 million? wowzers!!!!!!!! i'm speechless. absolutely speechless.

  6. She definetly has great sense of fashion, I remember going to an Astanga yoga school downtown, and everytime she would walk in the room, you could smell Tuberose indiana, or fleurissimo enter the room. She definetly loves quality scent.
    I can't wait to see what she does.

    John Parodi

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