Man-Bobs: So Hot Right Now, Top 10 Top Knots, Killer Celebrity Eyeshadow Looks {Beauty Notes - Hair - Makeup}

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Man-Bobs: So Hot Right Now

By Lauren Le Vine

Tom Brady


For someone so attractive and seemingly sure of himself, Tom Brady has certainly been experiencing some hirsute confusion for the past two years. First, the Patriots quarterback looked like a child molester from the '70s. Now, he thinks he's a Southern gangster of sorts. Maybe wife Gisele Bundchen can set him straight?...

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Man-Bobs: So Hot Right Now


Top Ten Top Knots by Lauren Le Vine

Lea Michele

Don't have time for a fancy blow out? No problem! Make like Lea Michele and choose a dress with an ornate neckline, then add an intricate headband to accent your top knot. It's the perfect hairstyle for a fancy event if you've got zero prep time.













10 Celebrity Eyeshadows That Will Make Him Melt

by Megan McIntyre

Taylor Swift

There's something both seductive and sweet about a winged eyeliner look like Taylor Swift's. The thick, dark liner demands attention, but the upward sweep adds a demure quality to the look. Liquid liner can be tricky, so use a light brown pencil eyeliner to draw a practice line first. Once you've got it perfectly positioned and in the desired shape, go over your practice line with the liquid liner.

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