Short Conceptual Film about Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder {Perfume Images & Ads}

sensuous_nude_tag_line.jpgEstée Lauder are interested in accompanying the launch of the new Sensuous Nude perfume with more than just a commercial. They filmed a short, which is both conceptual and motivational, around the question "is staying in touch the same as being in touch?" In the video, a contrast is drawn between the inumerable times in a days when a woman touches a mechanical button to get what she needs the action of touching skin in a sensual sense. Check out after the jump how the fragrance inspired the film...


"The film encourages women to turn on their sensuality once they turn off their technology. Just as Estée Lauder Sensuous Nude projects a personal, self-empowered intimacy, our film is a powerful reminder that a simple caress of the skin, is a beautiful and welcome opportunity to awaken our sensual being. Estée Lauder's new fragrance, Estée Lauder Sensuous Nude was created around this and its fragrance meant to be enjoyed."


Via press release

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