Teaser Trailer for Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift {Perfume Images & Ads} {Celebrity Fragrance}

taylor_swift_Wonderstruck_advert.jpgAfter revealing the print advert for the debut perfume by Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck, the campaign MCs have now allowed us to take a peek at the teaser trailer for the film about the fragrance. This is a new popular storied format, like for the current commercial for Midnight Rose by Lancôme seen on French TV featuring Emma Watson, which unfolds in several episodes over the weeks.

Instead of being hammered with a repetitive set of images, you get to feel suspense and curiosity if the film is well serialised. Check out after the jump for the first installment of the perfumed film Wonderstruck and see what Taylor had to say about perfume...

Taylor Swift said,

“I think you can tell a story in song, you can tell a story through movies, you can tell a story through writing, you can kind of tell a story that connects memories together when you’re creating a perfume that people are going to wear in their day-to-day lives.”

Via press release

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