Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Gown, The Full View {Perfume Images & Ads}

Wonderstruck_Swift_Siriano.jpgFollowing the sneak preview for the new advert, we asked a rep for Taylor Swift fragrances who was the designer of the gown worn by the singer in the ad for her debut fragrance Wonderstruck...



We learn that it was designed by Christian Siriano. The American fashion designer obliged moreover by twitting a full length picture of the gown which was taken on the shoot of the advertising.

Wow! this is an incredibly frothy, flashy and froufrou number! We are wonderstruck by the dress. This is going to make waves in and out of the commercial, no doubt.

Christian Siriano is the winner of the 4th season of Project Runway. He has designed wedding gowns in the past and this experience shows in this celebrity design.

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