The Topshop Man, Topman, To Wear Parfum No.16 & Parfum No.27 (2011) {New Fragrances} {Men's Colognes}

Topman-Parfum-no-16-27.jpgTopman, the masculine spin-off of high-street mecca Topshop, will launch two debut men's fragrances on September 22, 2011 called Parfum No. 16 and Parfum No.27. Reportedly 5 years in the making, the new collection was art-directed by Azzi Glasser, who is known for her previous work on the Agent Provocateur perfumes...

Gordon Richardson, the design director of Topman said,

"For Topman to be taken seriously in the toiletries arena it was crucial to make sure that we were able to produce a range of grooming products that were both affordable and luxurious at the same time."

Azzi Glasser reportedly put emphasis on the quality of the ingredients used while the brand ensured that the perfumes would be able to fly off the shelves at £15.

The names of the fragrances are references to the number of the mod that was finally retained to be the composition of choice.

Topman-Grooming-Range-16.jpg"Parfum No.16

No.16 gives a sense of cool fresh air on top using three key notes, Bergamot, Poivre and a Woody/Ozone accent which is amplified by the heart and edgy base of Amber, Labdanum and Musks which leaves a unique signature that plays with body temperature.

Top: bergamot, pepper, woody-ozone accent

Heart: amber, labdanum, musks

Base: amber, labdanum, musks

Parfum No.27

No.27 had to have ingredients that would be addictive and distinctive, we chose a wild accord of Clarysage, anise and Neroli with a magnetic character of Vetiver and nutmeg for the heart and added tenacity to the end composition with four notes of Oakmoss, Frankincense, Cedarwood and skin penetrated Musks."

Top: wild clarysage, anise, neroli

Heart: vetiver, nutmeg

Base: oakmoss, frankincense, cedarwood, skin musks

Both perfumes will launch first exclusively at Topman Oxford Circus and Selfridges on September 22nd, 2011 followed by a national launch at Boots and remaining Topman stores a week later.

You can watch a video for the fragrance below,


Via Ape to Gentleman

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