10 Most Embarassing Beauty Problems Solved in all Confidence {Beauty Notes - Skin - Hair}

Beauty_Problems.jpgWe have 3 beauty reads this week worth pondering upon: beauty issues not fit for print and their solutions; frugal beauty; and whipping up a stylish hair do under 5 minutes. Check them all after the jump.

10 Most Embarassing Beauty Problems Solved

By Lauren Le Vine

We're delving into some of the more unpleasant body and hair issues to which none of us are immune. Dr. Diane Berson, dermatologist and Olay Professional Alliance member, has tips, tricks and at-home solutions for the 10 common beauty issues no one wants to talk about (or have in their Google search history)...


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Happy reading!


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  1. I like the 10 + 10 + 10 approach and how you intermixed content to keep things interesting ranging from skincare to money saving beauty tips (and we can all use more of that!) to quick but pretty hairstyles when we're on the go. Thanks Chantal!


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