A Lovely Femme-Oriented Interview with Sophia Grojsman {Perfume Images & Ads} {Fragrant Reading}

judith_muller_bathsheba.jpgA young Judith Muller posing with Bathsheba Via hetek.hu


Luminary perfumer Sophia Grojsman was interviewed by Forward. She reveals, among other things, that Judith Muller Bathsheba was her first marketed perfume while Trésor by Lancôme might very well be her favorite creation. To the nose, the place of one of her perfumes in the history of women seems to constitute a tipping point for deciding which might be her favorite. For Grojsman, ultimately, perfume is about elevating femininity and making women feel well in their skins, helping them overcome the trivialities of daily life. It is medicine for the (feminine) soul. If this is not exactly feminism, it is nevertheless all very much and resolutely on the side of women.

After listening to the interview, you just wished someone could bottle the charm of her Bielorussian accent with its genrous "r's" as well as the raspiness of her smoky voice in a bottle....


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