ARsens Capture the Scents of the Perfect Woman, Paris, the Renaissance & More {Fragrance News}

senteurs_Paris_Arsens.jpgFrench company ARsens have associated themselves with the Institut Grassois de la Parfumerie (Prodarom) to create olfactory kits with both an educational and playful aim meant to cultivate our olfactive memory. They propose a rich selection of sets which they say have been long in the making, each containing 6 recreated smells to illustrate the theme encompassed by the box. The Collection Historique, for instance, offers 6 meaningful scents of the Renaissance, while the Collection Humouristique imagines the olfactory itinerary of the Perfect Woman in a day of her life...


The brand wants to remind us that olfaction is the most developed of our 5 senses - while acknowledging that it is neglected - as we are able to distinguish "10 000 smells."

The day of "La Femme Parfaite" smells of escalope with mushrooms, clean laundry, dishwashing liquid, polished shoes, polish remover, baby cream.

Paris is condensed into the smells of 5 key places and the Paris varietal of mushrooms: Catacombes, Montmartre, Notre Dame, a Bal Musette, Champs Elysées, Champignons de paris.

America seems to smell like a cross between a fast-food joint, a movie theater and a cattle town: pop corn, rodeo, cola, hamburger, chewing-gum, marshmallow.

The Renaissance smells of hydromel, great painters, embalming, latrines, a wash house, a perfumed wig.

Each kit contains 6 x 3ml flacons of essential oils; a booklet explaining the functioning of human olfaction; a dictionary to discover 40 olfactive sensations; a game based on olfactory recognition with blotters; a perfume diffuser made out of cotton; a booklet devoted to the thematic of the coffret.

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