First Look at New Comme des Garçons Perfume, with an Asterisk (2011) {New Fragrance}

Comme_des_Garçons_new.jpgLast Friday an inauguration party was held at the new Trading Museum conceptual space by Comme des Garçons which opened in Paris, after Tokyo. As its name indicates, it is a hybrid locale half-museum, half-store, where it is okay to just browse. Showcasing their own products and those of other carefully curated labels, the Comme des Garçons place takes on the dignity of a permanent cultural exhibition making you apprehend accessories and shoes as it they had accumulated meaning over the ages and survived the turmoils and ephemeral accidents of history to become precious, unique while still being made on the factory chains...

The furniture is from a real museum, the V & A in London, which was bought then copied. It was also the day chosen by the fashion brand to launch their new perfume just called Comme des Garçons, written with an asterisk instead of a c-cedilla.

"We can find beautiful things, without consciousness

 a fragrance that couldn't exist in a bottle that shouldn't exist 

what qualifies anything for the right to exist?

who has the right to decide what should be rejected?

a rejected bottle survives to hold an imaginary flower."

Comme des Garçons (2011) is said to be a linear composition. It was composed by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan. The Eau de Parfum opens on top notes of aldehydes and Safraleine leading slowly to notes of hawthorns and "derivations of lilac before exploding in a riot of flower oxides." The base notes feature industrial glue, brown scotch tape, styrax, musk.

Via press release

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