Guerlain Habit Rouge L'Eau (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Perfume}



Guerlain have launched a new version of their classic masculine cologne, Habit Rouge (1965) called Habit Rouge L'Eau. It was composed by perfumer Thierry Wasser on an original formula created by Jean-Paul Guerlain in the 1960s...


The original Habit Rouge was itself clearly inspired by a composition by Jacques Guerlain, Shalimar (1925). Please see next post on the new window displays for a few more details.

Habit Rouge L'Eau is labeled as a fresh oriental and a modernized retake on its ancestor. What the brand wants to hold on to is a sense of chic and elegance while infusing the new scent with a new freshness. The leather notes have reportedly been expurgated. An unconventional note of hazel tree has been added in the top notes.

The Eau de Toilette opens on head notes of bitter orange and green and vegetal-y hazel tree. The heart features a transparent jasmine accord. The base features vanilla and patchouli.

The Habit-Rouge signature accord has been preserved but the contrast between the hesperidic notes and the oriental facet of the perfume has been given a new lift.

Prices: 48,90€ and 66,50€



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