Guerlain Give a Masculine Makeover to their Boutiques {Fragrance News}

Guerlain_Habit_Rouge.jpgWhat will catch the eye of passersby this morning in Paris is not only the rich red displayed in the windows of the house, but the new focus on a masculine fragrance when most of the time the brand prefers to concentrate on their feminine clientèle.

The Habit Rouge colllection is now at the center of attention with a stylish window design showing what an artful arranging of threads can do to attract the eye...

The effort is part of the new campaign to promote the launch of Habit Rouge L'Eau, a flanker to the original Habit Rouge composed by Jean-Paul Guerlain and launched in 1965. L'Eau bears the signature of newly appointed in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser.



The itinerary of the fragrance thus parallels even more closely that of Shalimar. Indeed, Habit Rouge is a masculinized version of the 20s Oriental and like its forebear now has a lighter rethink of its jus, just like there is an Eau version for Shalimar.


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