Violent Lips The Pink Ribbon Collection (2011) {Beauty Notes - New Makeup}

violent_lips_pink_ribbon_ok.jpgFrom Violent Lips comes a forward initiative. The makeup brand have released a limited-edition of their trademark lip tattoos in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month called The Pink Ribbon Collection. As its name indicates, the set of 3 temporary lip tattoos invites you to wear the cause on your lips thus vaguely recalling the expression "to put your money where your mouth is." Also, if you were eyeing that Vuitton bag, you can always go for the unofficial pinkified Vuitton lip-look instead...

"VIOLENT LIPS: Violent Lips' mission is to change the way women apply makeup. Hailed as "The Future of Lipstick", Violent Lips intends to keep pushing the boundaries of lip wear with out-of-the-box designs and innovative applications that last up to eight hours."

The tag line for the Pink Ribbon Collection is "A stylish new way to kiss breast cancer goodbye." $2 out of each price tag at $9.99 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

The "lip appliqués," as they are called, are meant to last 8 hours. The lipstick-shade concept is turned into "patterns" instead and were designed by celebrity makeup artist Katie Alves. They are dubbed Ribbon Pattern, Solo Ribbon and Pink Plaid.

To remember how to use them, you can use the brand's 4 steps protocole: "Shape It, Peel It, Set It, Wet It."

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