Symrise Travels to Tasmania in Search of Pure New Scents {Fragrance News}

tarkine_rainforest.jpgTarkine rainforest by Rob Blakers


Symrise, one of the major fragrance designer companies in the world, went for their latest scent expedition to Tasmania, after having previously sent their perfumers on exploratory trips in search of brave new scents to India and China. The theme of the expedition this time was "The Cleanest Air on Earth." One of the geographic spots the specialists wanted to travel to was Cape Grim, which according to scientific research has been assessed to have the cleanest air in the world. Karen Solari, Vice President Home Care Marketing Scent & Care North America, said:

“Based on the results of a recent consumer study, we wanted to concentrate on the concept of purity. That's why we decided to make the place with the purest air our destination for this expedition. The rainforest, on the other hand, allowed us to experience a plant and scent environment unlike any other, providing us with new horizons for fragrance creation.”....


Another point of focus was the Tarkine temperate rainforest, which is known for harboring one of the oldest and most undisturbed plant ecosystems on the planet.

Due to the strict nature-conservation laws which protect the local plants, Symrise had to come with their own mobile mini-laboratory. The team analyzed unusual new scents from leaves, blossoms, tree barks and grasses in the context of an unique pristine air quality. Some were even inspired to start their creative work in situ.

One of the things that perfumers are interested in are not just the scents as essences and essentialized aromas, but as functioning within a certain new, atmospheric context. Hence in the past, the interest for capturing the scent of a rose travelling to outer space as Shiseido did with Zen.

Among the indigenous scents that were brought back are that of the Pink Leatherwood, lichens growing on coastal rocks and the wood of the extremely rare Huon pine. They have now been made part of the new, expanded repertoire with which the Symrise noses are working and will be made available to the public as they appear in new products in the near future.

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