Emily Blunt Finally Revealed in New Opium Advert {Perfume Images & Ads}

Emily_Blunt_Yves_Saint_Laurent_Opium_Campaign.jpgThe new advertising campaign for Opium, starring actress Emily Blunt, has finally been unveiled. Away from the tense, naked, reclining pose of model Sophie Dahl posing for Tom Ford at YSL and photographer Steven Meisel, lens man Patrick Demarchelier has opted for a more refined and natural atmosphere. Wearing YSL's iconic smoking for women, Blunt could have been captured in her living room after the end of a soirée. She is relaxed and in need of a tête-à-tête with her perfume - who wouldn't understand that? - as it brings her so much...


The palette of gold, salmon pink, mahogany and red colors is very restful to the eye and evokes a sense of tranquil cosiness.

It is a far cry from the previous 2007 campaign which although visually spectacular evoked more the atmosphere of an archaic temple inhabited by a priestess doubling as a sexual slave.

While the new ad is aspirational and evokes a working or more generally an active woman taking a pause in her day, the previous one was more about Orientalist fantasies and archetypes of terrible deities. Blunt makes you feel like it would be perfectly normal to reach for your bottle of Opium on your vanity instead of trying to steal it from the temple of the assassins.

This is the new drug-free, clean Opium ad.

Last time YSL had to accept the ASA's ban which pointed out that there were too many implicit references to junkie culture.

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