Oh, Lola! Perfume Ad Goes Too Far Says the ASA {Fragrance News} {Perfume Images & Adverts}

oh_lola_ad.jpgThe British Advertising Standards Authority have struck down the Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs fragrance ad (see after the jump) as willy-nilly promoting the sexualisation of children by being too sexually explicit and not socially responsible. It portrays a pre-nubile-looking Dakota Fanning holding a bottle of perfume in a manner as to play upon sexual innuendoes. Coty who produces the fragrance said they admitted being "edgy" but nothing more. Fanning who is 16 going on 17 can look younger, and was made to look like a modern-day Lolita by Marc Jacobs in the advert...


dakota_fanning_lolita_ad_banned.jpgThe fragrance itself won't shock anyone on the other hand as it prefers to err on the side of clean, fresh and non-offensive than shocking.

"Coty said that most readers of the titles would be over 25 years of age – the target age for the perfume – and the type of picture was "similar to many other edgy images in those magazines".

The ASA said that the way the perfume bottle rested in Fanning's lap was "sexually provocative" and considered that the actress actually looked to be under the age of 16."


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