Loewe La Coleccion (2011) (4 New Fragrances}

loewe_la_coleccion_2.jpgSpanish fashion brand Loewe have a new high-end, artisanal collection of four perfumes called La Coleccion which is aimed at capturing and presenting the four personalities of the house of Loewe established in 1846. The scents are named Loewe 1, 2, 3, 4 and were composed by perfumer Emilio Valeros...


Loewe 1:Passion expresses the brand's Spanish heritage, energy and strength with a central note of rose; Loewe 2: Sensuality tells the story of falling in love with purple redcurrant and jasmine; Loewe 3 : Desire is about pleasure and discovery and is based on iris; Loewe 4 : Eternity is inspired by the idea of possessing something without boundaries expressed with an accord of ylang and creamy vanilla.

Price: £250 for 50 ml. They are currently exclusive to Harrods.

Via Harrods Magazine

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