Dolce & Gabbana Go Nicher with The Velvet Collection (2011) {6 New Fragrances}


Dolce & Gabbana has been working on a library of plush, velvety scents inspired by the aromas of the Mediterranean - Sicily in particular - and their own fashion designs.

The result looks like a baroque Italian version of Tom Ford Private Blend. Their constant themes of inspiration find new echoes in the collection called The Velvet Collection which is "nicher", i.e., more exclusive in tone, fragrance design, bottle styling, and price point. There are six new fragrances, three with mood titles and three with perfumery-ingredient titles: Velvet Sublime, Velvet Love, Velvet Desire, Velvet Wood, Velvet Vetiver, Velvet Patchouli...

Revelatory also of the niche aesthetics and sensibility, is the manner in which the olfactory ideas are strongly underlined and streamlined for each fragrance.

"Dolce & Gabbana's latest composition is a collection of opulent fragrances inspired by creative influences from their own lives, uniting Sicilian baroque and Mediterranean indulgence. The Velvet Collection is authentic and expressive, an homage to the designers' sartorial heritage and to their instinctive ability to fuse timeless perfection with modern possibility."

"Velvet: a material full of fascinating contradictions. Its texture is luxurious but also simple, precious yet resilient, noble but also humble... this duality is at the heart of all that we create." Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce"

Velvet Sublime is inspired by the orange groves of Sicily. Velvet Sublime radiates a sun-warmed effect with a splash of Sicilian mandarin. Joyful orange blossom and neroli reveal their crisp, dewy petals. Key notes: mandarin, orange blossom and neroli.

Velvet Love is inspired by the carnations of Lake Como. This fragrance is redolent carnation flowers enveloped by oriental notes, giving in to an exhilarating rush of ylang ylang and pepper. Key notes: ylang and pepper.

Velvet Desire is an homage to the Renaissance period. This fragrance's fulsome white flowers provoke an explosion of gardenia and intoxicating tuberose, whilst a hint of frangipani offers a sophisticated flourish. Key notes: gardenia, tuberose and frangipani.

Velvet Vetiver is the scent of the Mediterranean Summer. "Vetiver: a tantalizing scent replete with elegance and classic perfection. I wore it as a boy to feel as an adult." Domenico Dolce. This fragrance has a classic, sumptuous cologne effect of vetiver and galbanum blended with a contemporary pique of Mediterranean fig. Key notes: vetiver, galbanum.

Velvet Wood is inspired by lacquered wood. This rich ebony wood fragrance offers profound depth, with warm resinous notes yielding to attractive benzoin and refined black leather scents.Key notes: ebony wood, benzoin and leather.

Velvet Patchouli is about iconic incense. "Patchouli: the first fragrance I felt really belonged to me. It became my statement scent." Stefano Gabbana. Velvet Patchouli is an intense, luxurious patchouli oil drenched with kephalis that cedes to a rich, musky presence. Key notes: patchouli, kephalis.

Price: £120. Available exclusively at Harrods.

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