Two Organic Oud Scents: Sama Oudh Jasmin & Undergreen Black Classic (2011) {New Perfumes}

organic_oud_perfumes.jpgIf you want to explore fragrance fashion, be ecologically-minded and benefit from aromatherapy, all at the same time, you can turn to two new creations which are offering natural, organic alternatives to more mainstream oud perfumes, which usually rely mostly on synthetic substitutes. Two green versions of oud scents have been introduced which are called Oudh Jasmin by Sama and Black Classic by Undergreen....

The vogue for oud fragrances has turned into a veritable culture phenomenon in the sphere of olfaction. Natural oud scents are however much rarer.

Sama, a French natural independent brand carried at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, have released a blend called Oudh Jasmin which they describe as being elegant and sensual, combining the leather of oud wood with the delicacy of a bouquet of jasmin and magnolia.

The composition even flaunts aromatherapeuthic virtues and is said to encourage positive thinking, pushing you to live in the moment and to help you discard rigid frames of mind in order to leave room for inspiration.

The oud used in the perfume was sourced in Laos; the jasmine is from Egypt, the magnolia from China and the hemp from France.

Price: 350€ for 100ml.

Black Classic by Undergreen offers less of a central focus on oud, but nevertheless makes use of the precious note to push the ambiance of a pitch-dark, noir perfume which is at the same time intent on being entirely wholesome. It was created by perfumer Fabrice Olivieri of Trends Lab.

The fragrance opens on notes of black pepper, cinnamon, ginger. The heart rests on licorice, coffee, tonka bean. The base notes are incense, gaiac wood, birch bark, oud wood.

Price: 135€ for 100 ml.

Available at; sample program available.

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  1. I want to try Sama Oudh Jasmin but checked the websites. I do not read French. Do you know how I can secure a sample? Thank you!


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