Arom' Up Floral by Chef & Sommelier: Your Better Champagne Option {Shopping Tip of the Day}

arom_up_champagne_glass.jpgTo sip your Champagne in optimal conditions, you might want to forego the niceties of drinking from an ornate, antique glass for one which was designed to make your wine taste the best it can taste.

We spotted, bought and tested Arom' Up Floral by Chef & Sommelier, a set of wine and champagne glasses which were scientifically designed to enhance aromas. The conclusion: it just makes a world of difference, bringing your cuvée to the next level of appreciation...

Drinking it from a normal glass is feeling all the platitude of untailored Champagne left to roam freely in the bottom of an indifferent vessel, by comparison. The Arom' Up on the other hand concentrates aromas and brings them to your nose. The impression lasts while you taste as well since tasting is linked to the experience of smelling.

The material used is Kwarx. The flûte was designed to bring to the fore even the sublest nuances of any sparkling wine.

The brand say that in particular it awakens the fresh aromas of lemongrass, wattle, rose and violet.

The bubbles are made much finer too thanks to the so-called "Effervescence Plus" technology, with an effervescent, enduting quality. It's bubbles made to feel like Chantilly lace to the palate. They look much more precious too.

This, in our opinion, is definitely a champagne glass which enhances the experience of drinking the precious nectar. 

Recommended wines with this glass are: Champagne, Crément, Cava, Prosecco, Moscato d'Asti.

A set of 4 glasses is 26,80€. Available at

Boxes of 24 and 6 flute glasses are also available at, for £84,59, for £48, and in other online stores.

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