Diptyque 2011 Les Invités du Trente-Quatre Collection (2011) {New Fragrances - Limited Edition}

Invites_trente_quatre_ok.jpgDiptyque have launched the new concept for them of a capsule collection dedicated to authorial perfumery, called Les Invités du Trente-Quatre (The Guests at No. 34), a reference to the address of their flagship store on Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. "2011, Les Invités du Trente-Quatre" is the first chapter in an open project which wants to offer carte blanche to perfumery creators. 


After the launch of 34, Boulevard Saint Germain, the fragrance, the inauguration of this new creative collaboration continues to mark the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the house with the complicity of three perfumers who are said to be the closest ones to the brand: Olivia Giacobetti, Fabrice Pellegrin and Olivier Pescheux...


diptyque_curiosites.jpgOlivia Giacobetti signs a scented candle called Curiosités. It is based on the idea of gathering the scents of an eclectic array of curios forming them into a bouquet. It is implicitly an homage to the antiques-shop atmosphere of Diptyque, but also finds echo in Giacobetti's love of collecting disparate objects with interesting smells which she likes to keep in transparent jars.

Notes: essence of Alaskan cypress, rosewood essence, dried angelica, clove leaves, styrax gum, ambergris. (55€ / $80)

Diptyque_Eau_Mage_2.jpgFabrice Pellegrin seized the opportunity to compose a fragrance, Eau Mage, based on an overdose of Ambroxan, a material which he says he adores. The lover of natural materials in him sees affinities in this fabricated molecule which offers similar characteristics to naturally-sourced ingredients: "beauty, rarity, richness."

Notes: mandarin, rose oxyd, Ambroxan, cumin, Cashmeran, Cypriol. (75€ / $100)


eau_particuliere.jpgOlivier Pescheux was inspired by an existing product at Diptyque, their Vinaigre de Toilette, which is an archaic recipe, an aromatic vinegar concoction meant to be both a scent and care product. His Eau Particulière likewise wants to be usable by each and everyone, to be a "federative" scent for the members of the "Diptyque tribe." Each ingredient was carefully selected to allow the Eau to be very versatile in its use. 

Notes: Nanab mint, hesperides, aromatic bouquet, Turkish rose absolute, iris butter, patchouli, balms and resins, musks. (95€ / $135)

Available at Colette.fr, shop.nordstrom.com

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