New L.A.dy Dior Movie with Marion Cotillard Takes Inspiration from Richard Avedon Directing Lauren Hutton {Fashion Notes}

Marion_Cotillard_channels_Hollywood_glamour_for_Lady_Dior.jpgJohn Cameron Mitchell directed a rather long short commercial movie featuring actress Marion Cotillard which offers an humoristic angle on the brand image of the Lady Dior bags.

Far from the esoteric ambiance of the Shanghai short with the same actress and the same bags, this film wants to entertain and surprise you with the revelation that luxury can be funny too.

The theme is directly inspired by a commercial Richard Avedon shot with Lauren Hutton, as Mitchell reveals. In both films, the fashion world is presented as an intense freak show, until some more natural emotions come into play when the star explodes showing anger and an understandable desire for liberation, NOW!

This seems to be the whole paradox of fashion: artificiality in constant search of authenticity, spontaneity, and fresh ideas...

Marion Cotillard plays it more neurotic than Lauren Hutton:

Hutton: the others are crazy VS. Cotillard: the others are making me crazy.

The Making-Of:

The Original Source of Inspiration:

Picture: Grazia UK

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