Jean-Marc Maniatis Touche Audacieuse (2011): Wear Francis Kurkdjian in your Hair {New Fragrance} {Beauty & Olfaction}

touche_audacieuse_maniatis.jpgFrench hairdresser Jean-Marc Maniatis has partnered with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to release a perfume for the hair called Touche Audacieuse (Daring Touch.)....

The fragrance which is "sensual and unsettling" was designed to waft with each movement of your hair.  Notes are floral and woody, with rose and patchouli creating a "whirlwind of spellbinding aromas."

Francis Kurkdjian said, "I like the idea that this perfume lives in contact with your hair."

Jean-Marc Maniatis added that "I want to give back to hair their freedom of expression in order for each woman to reveal her personality."

The hair scent is available at Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté at for 29,90€, currently on sale for 17,94€. 

Other possible options are: Caron Brume Sacrée Hair Mist, Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums Musc Ravageur Huile à Tout Faire, Tom Ford Black Orchid Brume Lumière Cheveux, Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume.

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