Dior Garden Party Nail Polish is Scented (2012) {Beauty Notes} {Beauty & Olfaction}

dior_garden_party_polish.jpgDior have released a new duo of nail polishes in their Garden Party collection for spring-summer 2012 which mix the attractiveness of color with the appeal of scent, especially one that will help cover the very recognizable scent of nail polish.

Some people are fans - like fashion deisgner Jean Paul Gaultier who used it as a top note for his Classique perfume - others hate it. In general, men are reported to find the scent of fresh nail polish a turn-off....

We think that it does not smell lovely by itself - rather interesting - but we women have come to associate it with a positive beauty ritual which can be soothing and enlivening to the imagination. Maybe that for men, it connotes of not-getting-your-attention while you are by their sides polishing away and releasing annoying fumes.

At any rate, Dior are joining the trend of scented nail polishes and just to make nail polishes belie their reputation, they are scenting them with roses. The rosy perfume is said to arise from the dried nail polish so that you will still be aware that there is the normal smell of nail polish.

Colors are a gray-white pastel lavender, "Forget-Me_not" and a frosty, iridescent, lunar pistachio color, "Waterlily".

What they say:

"Dior creates a stir with these limited edition scented nail polishes. Two fresh shades, soft green and flowery lilac that upon drying, release an intoxicating rose fragrance."

Price: $23 each. Available at dior.com

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