Les Sens de Marrakech, a New Perfume House from Morocco, Est. 2011 {New Fragrances}

les_sens_de_marrakech_ok.jpgLast year, a new perfume brand was established in Marrakech called Les Sens de Marrakech. They work in collaboration with perfumers from Grasse but specify that their scents are made in the Moroccan city.

Their aim is to capture emotions and images, vignettes from the Orient. Another credo is that they rely as much as they can on natural essences except when too much of those start posing allergenic problems. They stress that they follow IFRA regulations and that there are no Phtalates in their scents.  The label launched five initial fragrances in July 2011 in Morocco and in September 2011 at the international level: Oranger, Ambre, Tubéreuse, which are feminine, and Cuir and Encens which are unisex....

Oranger is a "hymn to the wonderful orange blossom which covers the Moroccan valleys in the springtime."

Notes: orange blossom, musk, amber, vanilla.

Ambre is inspired by the spices of the Oriental markets.

Notes: lemon, bergamot, nutmeg, pepper, amber, labdanum.

Tubéreuse is a deep and narcotic take on the flower.

Notes: bergamot, green notes, tuberose, heliotrope, orange blossom, tonka bean, sandalwood.

Cuir is a soft and spicy leather fragrance with an "unforgettable trail."

Notes: raspberry, incense, thyme, saffron, oud, labdanum, vanilla.

Encens is a luxurious, mystical and intense perfume about the "splendor of the Orient."

Notes: bergamot, incense, tonka bean, patchouli, cashmere wood, vanilla.

The flacons and their caps are hand-decorated by local Marrakech embroiderers with "Asian pearls" made of glass and lustrous Sabra fibers, a textile imitating silk.

From an initial survey, it looks like Cuir might be the one most likely to interest perfume aficionados, followed by Encens. Tubéreuse seems to have more of a classical white-floral slant. To be continued...

Price: 45€ for 50 ml of Eau de Parfum. Available at lessensdemarrakech.com, in spas, institutes and home decoration stores. Tel: 05 49 45 60 09.

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