Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle & Eau Rose (2012) {New Fragrances + Home Fragrance}

rosa_mundi_candle_diptyque_2.jpgDiptyque is inaugurating a new collection called Eaux Florales, the parallel library to the Eaux Hespéridées, with the launch of a limited-edition scented candle called Rosa Mundi in January 2012. This will be followed by an Eau de Toilette, Eau Rose, in the spring of 2012. For now, the brand wishes to concentrate on the introduction of the candle although Eau Rose is already available in New York City....

Rosa Mundi is inspired by the eponymous ancient breed of rose descended from Rosa Damascena and the woman with whom it is associated, Rosamund Clifford, a mistress of Henry II reputed for her great beauty. She is now the stuff of legend. And so, apparently, it is not true that Henry II's queen, Alienor of Aquitaine poisoned here, but in legend lore, it is one of the stories that make her a productive fictional character partly based on a historical one.

Her epitaph used to read: "Here in the tomb lies the rose of the world, not a pure rose; she who used to smell sweet, still smells--but not sweet."

The scent of Rosa Mundi, the candle was designed so as to recreate the sensation of smelling a rose throughout the hours of a day and the days of a week. As avid flower lovers know, floral nuances evolve overtime.

Notes include: rosa centifolia, rosa damscena, lychee, geranium, Hedione, blackcurrant, bergamot, white musks, leather and mossy nuances of cedar wood, touches of honey.

The 190 g candle is priced at 45€.

Available in the US at Aedes in NYC.

We'll update you on Eau Rose in a separate post.

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