Renato Balestra Essenza Divina (2012): Inspired By and Destined To the Orient {New Fragrance}

Renato_Balestra_essenza_divina.jpgItalian fashion designer Renato Balestra launched a new perfume for women called Essenza Divina which is inspired by the Orient and destined to the Orient.

It will be exclusively distributed via Beauty Bay, a chain of stores mapping out the Middle East and India, with headquarters in Dubai. The fragrance was composed by perfumer Francis Deléamont, the co-author of Boucheron for Women and B by Boucheron (both with Jean-Pierre Béthouart), Oriental Dream for Men, and more...

The composition aims to be opulent, mysterious and intriguing. Being in an eau de toilette concentration does not prevent this sensation, as Lorenzo Villoresi perfumes attest to. The flacon resembles the type used by French niche brand Frapin quite a bit. To add further authenticity to the endeavor, the biography of the perfumer is evoked,

"He grew upsurrounded by the art of perfumery and has always loved oriental fragrances; he is a greatmaster at skillfully combining the fluids, intensities and hues of this world. Hisunconditional love of oriental culture and luxury has given rise to Divina: an elegantfragrance with a strong character that creates a sensation of all-embracing fullness." [...]

"Divina is thus the product of a splendid union of citrusy notes with an aromatic floral bouquet, surroundedby a sensual blend of intriguing sweet, woody sensations. This olfactory family gives life to an orientalamber fragrance of timeless elegance and persistency, offered by Renato Balestra for the woman whowants to stand out from the crowd."

Top notes are bergamot, blackcurrant and clove; heart notes are jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley; base notes are sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

The eau de toilette is available at

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