New Book on Cheeses and their Aromas {Fragrant & Tasty Reading}

Fromages_en_fête_Celebration_of_Cheese.jpgEdisud will publish a new book on cheeses, their history and their wide diversity in the world entitled Fromages en fête (A Cheese Festival) on January 13, 2012.

The recipe book is bound to interest fragrance lovers - there is a need by the way for an equivalent of the single word "gourmet" for perfume passionates (my favorite two-word expression personally, which I don't see used) -  as it also promises to devote attention to their aromas...

Did you know that cheeses could be the butt of jokes in folklore and even make people wax poetic?

Perfumed accompaniments for cheeses, including spices, herbs, condiments and wines are highlighted.

They do not mention jams in the summary, but it is a newish, more mainstream habit in France to eat sweetened cheeses served with a plethora of inventive marmelades.

Finally, the book also gives you tips on how to make your own cheese at home.

Author is Chantal James and illustrator is Marie-Françoise Delarozière. Fromages en fête, in the Petits Bonheurs Maison collection by Edisud, 80 pages. Price: 10,45€. Available on Amazon.

Long-time readers of the blog might remember the British dairyfarmers' attempt to create a fragrance directly inspired by blue cheese, Eau de Stilton, in 2006. And yes, it became the butt of jokes then.

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