Victoria's Secret Simply Gorgeous (2012) {New Fragrance}

simply_gorgeous_victoria_secret.jpgDon't you love pink fragrances? There is something about pink. It's lighthearted, carefree, coquettish and oh-so girly.

Victoria's Secret is using their sense of lingerie color to launch another one of their cute boudoir perfumes, complete with a retro atomizer. Simply Gorgeous aims to make you feel pampered and on top of your vanity case...


"The stunning new fragrance -- with irresistible notes of crimson apple, sun-kissed petals and velvet amber."

The brand is not big on fragrance description, as usual.

Apples though are the new sexy in perfume, definitely. It's both fresh and edible. It's innocent and rich. It's both about being Eve and the nice girl/teacher.

$49 for a 50ml Eau de Parfum. Available at

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