A Delegation of Grassois Perfumers in Brussels Today {Fragrance News}

tuberose_harvest_grasse.jpgPerfumers are rarely seen in the guise of activists, but today a delegation of French perfumers from the historic center of perfumery which is Grasse in the South of France went to Brussels to voice their concerns about the future of European legislation...

In particular, they wish to protest the greater transparency on ingredient listing required by European decision-makers. So far substances containing known allergens have to be reported on the packaging past a certain threshold. What perfumers are wary of is the possibility that all ingredients be requested to be disclosed. For an industry traditionally based on secrecy, it seems too much of a blow to take although their fear might sound less than wholly rational as technology routinely allows for analysis of perfume formulae thanks to gas chromatography. And even in the past when gifted noses were given the task to replicate existing perfumes, one of the only solutions for locking the formula down was to use superlative and impossible-to-get ingredients for lack of monies.

But all has not been unveiled yet on the meaning of this action. France 3 Côte d'Azur report that while the perfumery sector is in expansion with Grasse representing 8% of the world fragrance business, professionals from the industry are feeling worried.

Les secrets bien gardés des parfumeurs

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