Bruce Lee Anger Blinds, Be Water, Don't Think Feel (2011) {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes}

The_Legend_of_Bruce_Lee_poster.jpgA trio of Bruce Lee fragrances destined to the international mass-market was launched last year in Panama and Singapore and is now hitting the United Arab Emirates. They were developed by a company called Chkoudra Paris with the approval of Bruce Lee's daughter and CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises, Shannon Lee. Next markets to open up to the scents called Anger Blinds, Be Water and Don't Think Feel will be Hong-Kong and China, which are considered major targets...

"There are three fragrances under the Bruce Lee banner, with names that allude to his own unique brand of Eastern philosophy and spirituality. There’s B Water (which Ms. Lee describes it as “an elegant, casual scent”), Anger Blind (“spicy, more aggressive”) and Don’t Think Feel (“more woody and natural”)."

It doesn't look like any considerable efforts were put into the collection to satisfy authenticity criteria. It would be surprising in fact if they smelled anything other than like pre-formatted concoctions for gym-going kids. Daughter Shannon Lee reminisces that her father was a 70s child and hence went with the Cannabis-covering patchouli trend of the era. But it is not the olfactory road map they decided to follow,

“My dad was quite fond of patchouli in the 1970s, as many hippies were,” she admitted. With this line, she added, “we didn’t want it to be too patchouli-heavy.”


You can watch one of the three visual shorts they made for the commercial promotion,

 Price: $15

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